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FROM Chitose-city Quickly High-way line area
Our Location

Personal computers (tablet phones )
Hard repair, DTP, INTERNET , Remove Virus and Spyware
INTERNET, LAN, Server (Sytem language English and japanese)

WORKs price 3000YEN / hour

Delivering price: 1000YEN---
Chitose Eniwa Naganuma Tomakomai Kitahiroshima Sapporo Otaru Niseko
all- hokkaido area
Quickly 30 mimets to Chitose airport
Best of best
Require 3hours (carry and delivery rate x1.5)
(Pre-backup your data)
setup software
Minimam and simple system
How to mobile use in japan .... Setup Router, Web, mail, IP-phone
local network
File server wirelessLAN opt-fiberLAN security camera...
add memory
More working memory for your copmuter
add hardware
HardDisk / SSD printer backup device
replace to better parts
hard repair
Not boot system, BIOS-error
Fail-power unit Bad Screen
Repair Mother boad, video card
iPhone iPad
Boot repaire, backup
check system
PC problem, Virus infection, anything about computers!
Data recover
system drive CF, SD card
call 080-3296-1110 Seiichi Sasaki 9am --- 5pm

Your computer crisis wonít follow a nine-to-five schedule and neither should your computer support. Our has a team of computer support specialists waiting for your call 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

since 1997

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